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KaBloom Floral & Gift Boutique - Edgemont Village


Floral & Gift Boutique

                              Carey Fieldgate

A buzz of excitement always precedes the opening of a truly remarkable store with a strikingly unique concept. Carey, a twenty five-year veteran in the retail industry, has built the business of her dreams - literally from the ground up.

Always creative in her endeavours, "KaBloom" is a virtual takeover of the flower industry. Carey showcases her masterpieces among an array of eco-friendly and local products unlike anything you will find in any other flower shop. Just walking into KaBloom with its warm and fragrant interior will remind you of the flower markets on the streets of Paris.

Luckily, you won't have to go that far to find an elegant bouquet and an artfully packaged gift to take home or to your next party.

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